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A smile radiates positivity and influences various aspects of our lives. Smiling helps a person to project a pleasing, welcoming personality. While not everyone is blessed with a perfect smile, imperfections can be addressed by improving the aesthetics of the teeth. We, at Belmont Dentistry, offer you quality and natural-looking veneers in Scottsdale, AZ so you can get that famous, celebrity smile that you’ve always wanted. It is possible. We have performed dental veneers on many patients, and the results are simply fabulous.

What are Veneers?

Veneers are a cosmetic dental treatment that corrects various teeth imperfections. They are made of ultra thin, yet strong, tooth-colored shells that are custom designed for each patient. The size, shape and overall design of the veneers depends on the teeth concerns being addressed. These shells need to be bonded on the visible side of the teeth; thus, covering, correcting, and improving their look. Our trusted, skilled dentist, Dr. Puneet Sandhu, will see to it that the design of your veneers suits your smile, face, and overall appearance. It is essential that the veneers are in symmetry with your face to achieve a beautiful smile transformation.

What are the Problems that Veneers can Address?

Dental veneers are considered to be versatile dental treatments because they can correct many different types of problems with the teeth. Chips, cracks, discoloration, unevenness, and gaps can all be addressed by dental veneers. Veneers cover, protect, and mask a tooth with worn enamel, so its appearance is significantly improved. It’s like having new teeth again. The veneers look very natural; they blend in beautifully with your entire mouth.

Are Veneers Long Lasting?

Veneers can last for many years with proper care and maintenance. You need to care for them like you care for your natural teeth. Daily brushing and flossing are necessary, as well as visits to the dentist for regular oral check-ups. Veneers are durable and stain resistant, so it’s easy to care for them.

What Happens During Dental Veneer Bonding?

The veneer bonding process can take multiple appointments to complete. The first appointment is for evaluation and treatment planning, as well as showing you the final outcome of your smile. Another appointment involves tooth preparation, wherein the dentist takes down a few millimeters of your tooth. This process is essential so your veneers, when attached, lie flat and look natural in your mouth. Dr. Sandhu will then take impressions of your teeth that will be used for the creation of your permanent veneers, either with impression materials or digitally. The veneers are then made.

After the veneers are made, Dr. Sandhu will bond your veneers into place, skillfully making sure that you get the desired look. A bonding resin is placed on the tooth so the veneers will adhere permanently. Dr. Sandhu will check on your bite and make the necessary adjustments, to ensure that you get the smile transformation you want.

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