Laser Therapy

What is Laser Therapy in Dentistry? If you’ve never come across this advanced type of dental care, now is the time to figure it out! If the drilling sound at the dentist makes you nervous, then laser treatment might be the best bet for you! It is used to give you relief from headaches, pain, and inflammation.

Types of Lasers Used in the Dental Field:

  • Hard tissue Lasers– They can very accurately cut into your teeth. This eliminates tiny amounts for shaping or in preparation for proceeding. It is used for locating cavities, dealing with teeth sensitivity, and preparing your teeth for dental fillings.
  • Soft tissue lasers– Excellent for cutting into soft tissue and sealing the exposed blood vessels simultaneously! This is the reason you don’t bleed much and healing is speedier. Soft tissue lasers are ideal for cosmetic treatments as you can witness results immediately. They are used for:
  1. Lengthening crowns
  2. Dealing with limited tongue movement
  3. Reshaping your gums
  4. Removing folds in oral soft tissues caused by dentures.

    What Laser Dentistry Can Treat?
  • Tooth decay. Lasers are used to eliminate decay within a tooth and prepare your surrounding enamel for obtaining the filling.
  • Gum disease. Lasers help to reshape gums and clean bacteria during root canal therapy.
  • Biopsy or lesion removal. Lasers help to eliminate a tiny piece of tissue termed a biopsy. This is done to examine cancer. Lasers even help to eliminate lesions in the mouth and ease the pain of canker sores or cold sores.
  • Teeth Whitening. Lasers help to speed up the in-office teeth-whitening method.  The bleaching agent, put on the tooth surface, is ”activated” by laser energy. 
  • Removal of Benign Tumor. The gums and palate are made free of tumors with the utilization of lasers.
  • TMJ Treatment: Dental lasers help to instantly minimize pain and inflammation of the TMJ.
  • Removing throat tissue that causes sleep apnea. Laser therapy can reshape your throat and relieve breathing troubles.
  • Removing tissue around an exposed wisdom tooth.
  • Regenerating damaged nerves.


  • Reduces pain in a few cases, so lessens the requirement for anesthesia
  • The laser will sterilize your gums, lessening the chance of infection
  • Minimize anxiety in patients not comfortable with a dental drill
  • Minimal damage to gums reduces the healing time
  • Reduce bleeding and swelling during soft tissue treatments
  • Preserve more healthy teeth while cleaning cavity

Prevention -Still the Perfect Treatment!

Taking proper care of your teeth might mean that you never have to experience dental laser treatment. Implement good oral habits and visit your dentist regularly to avoid dental issues.

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