Technology and dentistry go hand in hand. Innovations help dentists increase patient comfort, perform high-quality work, and decrease the amount of time that patients have to spend in the office. One marvel that many dentists in Scottsdale, AZ are adopting is CEREC, which is the “new wave” machine that is changing the way people think about dental crowns.

What exactly is CEREC, and how can it benefit you?

As you might have guessed, CEREC is an acronym. It stands for Chairside Economical Restoration of Esthetic Ceramics, or CEramic REConstruction. While that sounds super complicated, the idea behind the technology is actually pretty simple. It allows a dentist to create a custom dental crown for you — in a single visit! In the past, you would have to first go to the dentist to get your tooth prepared, and then you would have to wait weeks for your permanent crown to arrive.

Here is how CEREC works:

  • Your dentist first prepares your tooth. They might have to remove decayed or damaged parts or insert a filling to make sure the tooth is strong enough to support a crown.
  • The CEREC technology captures a 3D digital impression of your prepared tooth. Your dentist uses that information to design your gorgeous new porcelain crown.
  • The milling unit inside the CEREC machine crafts your new crown using a single block of dental-grade porcelain.
  • Your dentist makes any needed adjustments to the crown and then installs it. You’ll leave the office with a new gleam in your mouth and a new spring of confidence in your step!

CEREC is not only about saving time

CEREC means you can spend less time at your dentist’s office, but the advantages of this technology go even further:

  • Permanent crowns provide better protection than temporary ones, so you won’t have to worry about your tooth incurring extra damage while you’re waiting for your custom tooth cover to arrive.
  • Fast doesn’t mean low quality. CEREC crowns and bridges are just as sturdy as the ones that you would have to wait weeks for. They can last for a decade or longer if you care for them well.
  • The porcelain used in CEREC creations looks and feels like your natural teeth. No one will have to know that you’ve had some work done.

Are You a Candidate for a CEREC Crown?

Your dentist should be the one to decide if a CEREC crown in Scottsdale, AZ is right for you. However, it is an appropriate solution for most people who need a new restoration. If one of your old crowns is failing, you recently had a root canal, or you just don’t like the way one of your teeth looks, you might be a candidate for a CEREC crown or bridge. Only your dentist can tell you if you are a suitable candidate for CEREC or not. Contact us to schedule a consultation today!