How all-on-4 implant procedure is carried out?

All-On-4 implants is a dental implant procedure suitable for those willing to replace an entire set of missing teeth. In this procedure, a set of missing teeth will be replaced by a fixed bridge or dentures supported by four titanium dental implants. Two of them are placed at a 90-degree angle, whereas the other two are placed at a 45-degree angle. In this blog, we will discuss how the all-on-4 implant dentistry procedure is carried out.


Consultation and Diagnosis

The eligibility to perform all-on-4 implant dentistry procedures in the patient will first need to be evaluated by the dentist Scottsdale. It includes taking teeth impressions and making use of x-rays and CT scans. In some scenarios, the dentist will have to remove some of the patient’s existing teeth to place the four titanium implants and the dental bridge itself. In some scenarios, a bone grafting procedure may be required for the patient before carrying out the all-on-4 implant procedure to ensure a solid bone structure is in place for placing the implant. All-on-four implant procedures may not be suitable for all, and people who have the habit of smoking are at a higher risk of developing an infection following the surgery. For such people, the healing process will be much slower than for others. Therefore a detailed Scottsdale dentist evaluation is required before proceeding with this dental implant procedure.


Tooth Extraction and Placement

At the time of the surgery, any tooth that is damaged and irreparable will have to be extracted first. The four titanium implants will be carefully placed to anchor perfectly to the jaw bones through maximum contact. As mentioned, two implants will be placed at a 90-degree angle, and two implants will be placed at a 45-degree angle. 



The dentist Scottsdale will then place abutments which is the area where new teeth are attached. During this stage, the dentist ensures the patient feels comfortable with their new teeth and implants. In addition to it, the dentist will also determine whether the bite is perfectly aligned or not. 



All-on-4 implant dentistry procedure requires the patient to follow careful aftercare instructions by the dentist. The patient will have to come for follow-up appointments, usually six months after the completion of the procedure. It is the time required for the implants to completely attach themselves to the patient’s jawbone. 


So if you are looking for the best dental office in Scottsdale to provide cost-effective all-on-4 implant dentistry procedures, then schedule an appointment right away to check your eligibility. 


Do you have missing or damaged teeth? Then Dental implants can be an incredible tooth-replacement option for you. They can make you feel more positive about your smile.

To have a camera-ready smile and take complete advantage of your dental implants, you should practice implant care. And it just begins from the minute you walk out of your dentist’s office! 

Go through this guide to learn the tips to care for your dental implants

  • Use a Soft Nylon Toothbrush 

When you receive your dental implants, you need to switch your toothbrushes. Nylon toothbrushes have bristles that are flexible and soft on your implants. And remember to brush twice daily for a minimum 2 minutes gently.

  • Stay Away from Abrasive Items 

Either it’s a toothpaste or mouthwash, use only sensitive cleaning products when you get your implants. This is because abrasive items may result in too much discomfort. 

Avoid oral products with too many flavors, such as mint or cinnamon. They can also result in uneasiness. 

  • Floss Daily 

Don’t forget to floss. At least floss once daily. With implants, flossing turns to be more essential than ever. Plaque can easily accumulate around your implants, causing other oral hygiene problems. 

  • Stay Away from Sticky/Hard Foods

Consuming hard/sticky foods can destroy your implants. Stay away from these foods after receiving implants-

  • Ice 
  • Caramel
  • Hard candies
  • Dried fruit
  • Hard-shell tacos
  • Potato chips
  • Apples
  • Carrots
  • Steak 
  • Crusty bread, like French bread 
  • Use a mouth-wash 

Make sure that all the food particles and bacteria are rinsed out from around your implant. So, use an antibacterial mouthwash.

  • Quit Smoking and Alcohol Intake

Dental implants generally take 6 months to heal. Therefore, smoking during this time period can be very harmful. Also, when you consume alcohol, it slows down the curing process of implants. Hence, avoid these as much as possible. 

  • Schedule Regular Visits to your Dentist 

It’s very essential to plan a visit to your dentist at least twice every year. With right care and check-ups, your Implants can remain for a lifetime.

  • Immediate Aftercare 

Here are some things to follow instantly after the procedure:

  • Bite on the gauze to manage bleeding
  • Keep your head raised for the first 8-12 hours post-surgery
  • Use an ice pack on your face in 15-minute intervals 
  • Consume soft foods and beverages 
  • Don’t miss your prescribed doses
  • Don’t drive yourself home after the process.

Final say

Caring for your dental implants is quite easy.

Now, if you’re in the search of ‘Dentist near mein Scottsdale, AZ, to get your Implants, then call us at Belmont Dentistry. Our Dentist in Scottsdale will surely guide you with the aftercare.