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Crowns and Bridges in Scottsdale, AZ

Crowns and Bridges

Healthy and beautiful teeth work well together to contribute to beauty, function, and overall well-being. Healthy teeth are more beautiful than a set of teeth full of cavities. Having gaps or lost teeth can, likewise, affect the aesthetics, bite, and overall function of your mouth. We, at Belmont Dental Care, therefore, provide wonderful solutions to get the best of both worlds – a beautiful smile with healthy teeth. We bring you quality dental crowns and bridges in Scottsdale, AZ, so your smile is enhanced, healthier, and more attractive than ever. We invite you to come and visit our practice, and talk with us about any dental concern that you may have.

What are Dental Crowns?

Dental crowns are caps that fully encase the teeth to restore their shape and size, and bring back their health, aesthetics, and strength. They may also be used to cap dental implants, providing that much needed structure for function. Crowns come in different materials such as porcelain, gold, metal alloys, and acrylic. A combination of porcelain and metal may also be used, so the crowns are able to match the exact color of your existing teeth while giving you durability and strength for life. Dr. Sandhu will help you decide which type of dental crown you should choose to suit both your needs and budget.

When is a Dental Crown Necessary?

Dr. Puneet Sandhu may recommend a dental crown for the following purposes:

  • To improve the appearance and structure of a discolored or poorly shaped tooth
  • To strengthen a tooth after procedures like deep fillings or root canal therapy
  • To restore a weak or fractured tooth; thus, keeping it from breaking
  • To hold and support a bridge
  • To cover a dental implant
  • To replace a large filling especially when the tooth can no longer stand on its own.

Dr. Sandhu will evaluate your needs and determine if a dental crown should be part of your treatment plan.

What is a Dental Bridge?

As its name suggests, dental bridges serve to bridge the gap caused by missing teeth. They are cemented to the natural teeth or dental implants closest to the gap, spanning the entire space to provide both function and aesthetics. Missing teeth may cause the remaining teeth to shift position and cause issues like misalignment, bite problems, gum disease, and even TMJ disorder. Thus, a dental bridge is a fantastic dental solution to complete your set of teeth and provide optimum oral health.

A dental bridge can be made of ceramic or porcelain because these materials greatly resemble the look, color, and feel of real teeth. Porcelain has the same translucent qualities of real teeth, so bridges appear very natural. Dr. Sandhu can create a bridge that matches the exact color of your real teeth, so your smile is enhanced naturally.

Partner with Belmont Dental Care for Crowns and Bridges in Scottsdale, AZ

At Belmont Dental Care, your satisfaction is our inspiration. Call us today at (480)609-0050 or visit our practice for quality crowns and bridges in Scottsdale, AZ. Dental crowns and bridges can provide you with a lifetime of healthy and beautiful smiles! Schedule an appointment with Dr. Sandhu and experience the benefits of having a truly beautiful smile with healthy teeth!


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